From Self-Love to Negotiation Mastery with Steve Alban Tineo

How can self-love enhance your negotiation skills?

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Welcome to DealTalk, the show where you learn the art and science of deal-making.

This episode puts YOU in the driver’s seat for your next negotiation.

Steve shares valuable insights and practical advice on how to know yourself better and negotiate like you never have before. Tune in and unlock the secrets to becoming a better communicator and leader.

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Hosted by Shane Ray Martin, a seasoned negotiator passionate about helping you harness the power of effective communication using AI.

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About the Hosts

Shane Ray Martin

 Shane is a professional negotiator and mediator. He was trained at Harvard, Yale, learn and other organizations.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

JN is an award-winning professor at McGill University. He teaches negotiation at the bachelor, MBA, PhD, and executive levels.

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