Getting Out of Our Own Way: Overcoming Self-Sabotage in Negotiations

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In this episode, 4 experts talk about the importance of getting out of your own way so you can succeed in your negotiations.

Moshe Cohen is a negotiation specialist and founder of The Negotiating Table, Inc., Moshe combines negotiation skills and emotional intelligence to empower individuals and organizations for negotiation success.

Nahuel Mongelli is the Founder of Parley Negotiations, Nahuel utilizes his experience in international business development to equip organizations and individuals with effective negotiation strategies.

Colleen Byers, JD, MBA has extensive experience as a seasoned civil litigator, Colleen brings practical business insight and strategic foresight to resolve complex disputes, efficiently helping businesses and individuals settle legal issues.

Steve Alban Tineo is a Swiss Business Accelerator, Steve leverages strategic management and business development to support global businesses, utilizing his international network for high-stakes negotiations.

JN Reyt has a wealth of leadership experience, having successfully navigated various professional and personal environments. Join JN as he shares his wisdom and expertise in communication, leadership, and the future of work.

Shane Ray Martin is a seasoned negotiator passionate about helping you harness the power of effective communication using AI. Connect with Shane on LinkedIn:

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About the Hosts

Shane Ray Martin

 Shane is a professional negotiator and mediator. He was trained at Harvard, Yale, learn and other organizations.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

JN is an award-winning professor at McGill University. He teaches negotiation at the bachelor, MBA, PhD, and executive levels.

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