The Art of the Possibilist with William Ury and Joshua Weiss

Listen to this exclusive 60-minute conversation, “The Art of the Possibilist,” where friends William Ury and Joshua Weiss delve into the fascinating world of negotiation and global peacemaking.

William Ury, an author, academic, and anthropologist, co-founded the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the International Negotiation Network alongside President Jimmy Carter.

His game-changing book “Getting to Yes” (15 Million Copies Sold) introduced the concept of ‘Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement’ (BATNA), transforming negotiation theory. Ury’s upcoming book, “Possiblist,” is set to release in 2024, and it’s bound to captivate readers.

In this deep-dive interview, Joshua Weiss digs deep, extracting unique insights into Ury’s approach and philosophy. Get ready for a powerful conversation that will leave you inspired.

About the Hosts

Shane Ray Martin

 Shane is a professional negotiator and mediator. He was trained at Harvard, Yale, learn and other organizations.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

JN is an award-winning professor at McGill University. He teaches negotiation at the bachelor, MBA, PhD, and executive levels.

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