The C-Suite’s Top 3 Influence Secrets with Ivana Caha Sediva

Is mastering influence the missing link in your path to the C-Suite?

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Ivana, who served as McDonald’s CMO for seven years, dives deep into the world of C-Suite leadership. During our conversation, she shared 3 remarkable influence insights that have the potential to transform your negotiation skills. Through compelling real-life stories, she shows the power of these strategies and how they can propel your career to new heights.

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Hosted by Shane Ray Martin, a seasoned negotiator passionate about helping you harness the power of effective communication using AI.

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About the Hosts

Shane Ray Martin

 Shane is a professional negotiator and mediator. He was trained at Harvard, Yale, learn and other organizations.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

JN is an award-winning professor at McGill University. He teaches negotiation at the bachelor, MBA, PhD, and executive levels.

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