Transform Your Life: Using Negotiation for Personal Growth

Unleash your potential as we explore the art of negotiation and its profound impact on personal development.

This transformative experience is designed to empower you, enhance your skill set, and redefine your path to success.

Meet the stellar line-up of guests:

Lousin Mehrabi: Named among the Most Influential Negotiation Professionals globally, Lousin uplifts CEOs and teams worldwide. She holds 4 nationalities, speaks 5 languages, and believes in the power of peace negotiations with self.

Adrian Goodwin: A seasoned detective turned educator. Adrian’s prowess in law enforcement and criminal investigations, honed through a Master’s degree from Cambridge College, offers invaluable insights into the dynamics of negotiation.

Adam Dolejš: Adam’s rise in the automotive industry speaks volumes about his perseverance. Now, he’s a negotiation lecturer at Fascinating Academy, specializing in high-pressure, no-alternative scenarios.

Dave Wolovsky: Master of soft skills with hard impacts, Dave boasts an impressive MS in Neuroscience & Education and a certification in Positive Psychology. His mission? Help introverts and empaths become better negotiators.

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Jean-Nicolas Reyt:

Shane Ray Martin:

About the Hosts

Shane Ray Martin

 Shane is a professional negotiator and mediator. He was trained at Harvard, Yale, learn and other organizations.

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

JN is an award-winning professor at McGill University. He teaches negotiation at the bachelor, MBA, PhD, and executive levels.

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